I work with clients of all ages and abilities from competitive athletes looking to improve performance, to busy mums who wish to tone up, improve general fitness, increase self-confidence and maintain a healthy weight.

I also work very closely with elderly clients with an emphasis on improving posture, balance and co-ordination, general strength and fitness, flexibility and mobility, all key factors in maintaining independence and improving day-day living.

Addressing the differing needs of the individual, I will develop a goal orientated exercise programme to help you become fitter and stronger, and increase self-confidence and weight control.  I deliver results driven training methods together with nutritional guidance and behavioural change techniques to motivate, inspire and support you on your journey to better fitness.

Personal Training in Your Own Home

I offer personal training in your own home, delivering a programme written specifically to meet your goals.  I will bring all the equipment you need for an effective and enjoyable session.  If you have your own equipment I can incorporate it into your training to ensure your get the most from it.