Yoga in Bath & Chippenham

Yoga offers huge support to everyone in daily life, empowering people to live their lives more fully by enhancing physical and mental health and general wellbeing.  Yoga helps to reduce stress and anxiety and invites a general sense of calm into your life, whilst cultivating a positive mental attitude, increased lung capacity, and core strength and flexibility.

Private yoga Classes

Whether you are new to yoga, wanting to establish a regular practice, or wish to practice at a time and location convenient to you, classes are tailored to your personal requirements.  All equipment is provided.

One to One / Small Groups.

Yoga in the Workplace

Wellbeing in the workplace is beneficial to both the participant and the organisation.  Through the practice of yoga, one can feel more grounded, focussed, healthier, more positive and energised, creating a productivity to enhance an organisation and aid the vitality and experience of staff both in and out of the workplace. All classes are tailored to your requirements, and all equipment is provided.