Gemma is absolutely fantastic!  I’ve been exercising with Gemma for a year and half now and have never felt stronger.  Having never regained my fitness after having 5 children and then the impact of the first lockdown (over indulging and very little exercise) I realised I needed some help!  I met Gemma and she has transformed my exercise routine and also my body.  Every session is different and fun, Gemma pushes me hard but equally if I am having a low energy day she will change the session to incorporate more stretching, yoga or exercises I can manage, I really appreciate that flexibility.  She also gives me great nutritional advice which is super useful.  An added bonus is that she is great fun to spend time with so I look forward to every session!

Karen, Bath

The sessions are fun as well as at the right level of challenge . Gemma is a great motivator , gives me lots of praise and positive feedback and always checks out whether she is pushing me too far or whether I want to go slower or faster ! Her presence in the house is one of positive , radiant energy and I always end the sessions with a spring in my step and a smile on my face .

I would recommend her unreservedly to anyone of any age and every ability level.

Kate, Bath

I needed a bit of a ‘push’ to get back into fitness after working away a lot and (if I’m honest with myself) not really exercising for a year – gyms make me nervous and I can’t motivate myself so I decided to go with Gemma. Best choice ever! Gemma is the kindest, friendliest and toughest (if that’s what you need!) PT and I really look forward to our sessions! Every week Gemma comes up with new ideas to make it fun and push me harder -from circuits, to tabata, to running and hill practice, to strength and yoga, to spinning – honestly, Gemma does it all! She has such a brilliant understanding of different elements of sport – her skills and ability to improve my technique is so helpful and slowly I’m coming to terms with the idea that I might not actually be terrible at running! We have a great laugh each time and I always come away feeling tired but great. I recommend Gemma to everyone – from those who want support in maintaining fitness levels, to those who are really interested in challenging themselves and working towards competitions. I’m not there yet – but I might be soon!

Thank you!


Gemma has been my Personal Trainer since September 2019. We meet for one hour once a fortnight. In that time the meetings have been indoors, in the garden and on Zoom. All have been fun.  Gemma is always cheerful and upbeat and the sessions are well planned and go with a swing. She has great empathy, pushing me a little harder each time but never too hard. Given that I am 68, overweight, and with two replacement hips plus a replacement knee, empathy is very important. In the time I have been working with Gemma, I am pleased to say that I have moved from being seriously out of condition to being much fitter and much more mobile. I recommend her without reservation.

Pete C, Weston Village

Dec 2020

There are two things about the Fitness Training sessions Gemma gives me each week – apart from the stretching and balancing and mobility exercises (which are terrific); one is the way she seems to tune in to my ability and mood of the day with quiet expertise, and the second is the way she has been able to build my confidence.  I value her sessions very highly.

Nancy, Bath

I originally contacted Gemma for some sports massage while training for a marathon.  I was so impressed with Gemma’s skills and expertise, I’ve continued to receive regular sports massage post marathon training.  I thoroughly look forward to my sessions with Gemma and would highly recommend.

Becky W

I am an 81 year old chap with walking problems and I recommend Gemma highly.

John Lindley

In June 2020 I was really unhappy with my weight and having tried unsuccessfully to change my diet Gemma offered a different approach which led to me losing 22 lbs and feeling a lot better about myself! The key for me was keeping a food diary for a few weeks and checking my blood pressure on a regular basis. This helped me to recognise patterns in my diet which were particularly unhealthy such as my love affair with carbohydrates! With just a few simple changes In my diet I have maintained the weight loss and I am now on the next phase of my ‘recovery’ which is to steadily increase my exercise. Gemma’s knowledge of sport and nutrition has been instrumental in recovering by wellbeing and her continued support has been fantastic!

Paul, Chippenham

I’ve been having various types of therapy with Gemma for  years including deep tissue sports massage pre and post Ironman races, and also for relaxation and meditative yoga –  the polar opposite of intense triathlon training. Whilst having productive sessions Gemma has made me laugh out loud with her infectious sense of humour! Gemma clearly knows her stuff, has a wealth of knowledge and personal experience in professional sports. Love her to bits and would highly recommend her.

Claire F

Gemma is the best! She is totally committed to help you achieve your goals and mega enthusiastic about doing so. She will always go the extra mile to help and will always have a smile on her face!And do you know what the added bonus is when you work with Gemma? You’ll never meet a nicer person!


Gemma has been giving me sports massages for nearly a year, helping to manage everything from post-run soreness, to various minor injuries and muscle imbalances, to neck and back pain from sitting at a computer all day. She is both friendly and generous with her time, and is clearly passionate about her work. I would thoroughly recommend her.

Ben, Bath

I am a fairly serious, although ageing, cyclist whom completes about 10 to 12 hours a week of training and 250 miles a week, as COVID has removed my commute and freed up time.  I am also a time trial racer, so places quite high stresses on my legs.  Like many athletes I probably don’t rest as much as I should and certainly don’t stretch regularly or properly.  Therefore over the years I have invested in sports massage and sports physio therapy to try to undo or relieve some of the soreness and damage.  During 2020 I decided that I needed to change therapist.  I approached Gemma whose ability to do “home visits” allowed sessions to be fitted in around my schedule.  Her initial visit assessment, I felt, was thorough and identified some of my underlying issues without me prompting her.  Her treatments have always been effective and the advice given for additional stretching to address specific issues seem to be working well for me.  I have also appreciated her flexibility in making appointments and responsiveness when communicating with her.


Chippenham & District Wheelers Racing Secretary
West DC Open and Club Events Secretary